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Below is the list of the new programs recently available for registration.

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The e-bike incentive registration link will be available after you complete your profile and sign in. Please click on the ‘Sign In’ at the top right of this page or click on the dark blue button to the right labeled ‘Go to All Programs’ to sign up.

Application Process

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1. Open Registration

During the open registration period Boulder residents are able to register for the voucher type and e-bike type they want by Supplying their address and contact information.

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2. Random Selection

A list of selected applicants will be generated through an automated random selection process for each voucher type. Applicants who are selected will be notified via email on the same day of sweepstakes selection per the program page. The email will be sent from ebikesboulder@aptim.com.

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3. Application Completion

Selected applicants will have 96 hours to complete their application and provide proof of residency and depending on their voucher type other qualifying documentation.

4. Voucher Award

Applicants whose application is completed and approved will receive an email with their voucher details. Applicants will have 45 days to redeem their voucher at a participating e-bike shop.